How to get the Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition is made on Rosobrnadzor official form and is signed by Deputy Director of Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science. The Certificate is certified by the official stamp. The registration number and the date of issuing should be specified in the Certificate. 

In case of receiving personally.

The following range of persons can get a result of the recognition procedure:

  1. Applicant;

  2. Representative of the applicant who operates based on letter of attorney.

If you have submitted the documents for the recognition procedure as an agent based on letter of attorney, please ensure that the validity period of a letter of attorney has not expired.

The documents are issued upon presentation the original of the personal identification document of applicant (passport) the requisites of which were specified in the application form. If your passport is chanced during the procedure you need to prove this fact.

You need to provide the receipt with the registration number or a copy of the application form as well as payment receipt of the state fee for getting the documents. 

You can pre-register to receive the documents the electronic queue.

In case of receiving by the mail. 

If you have submitted the application as well as a set of documents by the mail, you could get the result of the recognition procedure personally or by the mail. Please notice that the result of the recognition procedure can be given to the delivery service only in case you have filled in the form for sending back.

If the status of your application has changed to «Ready for issuing or sending» (Готов к выдаче или отправке) you can contact to the department of the distance service by the phone number +7 (495) 665-00-15 (ext. 508) or by email through the feedback form on our web site.